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The medical obesity specialists at Florida Hospital Medical Group offer a multidisciplinary approach to obesity care. Our doctors treat patients of all ages and degrees of obesity with tailor-made programs, focusing on lifestyle therapies, and anti-obesity medications as appropriate. Our team includes physicians, surgeons, dietitians, counselors, trainers and more. Our specialties also include pregnancy weight management and pediatric weight management.
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Our surgical weight management team includes Dr. Keith Kim and Dr. Dennis Smith, both of whom are internationally recognized experts in bariatric surgery procedures. Working together with our physician assistants, nurse practitioner, dietitians, bariatric psychologist and exercise physiologist, they provide our patients with the highest standard of surgical care in addressing obesity and its related health impacts.
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Our obesity medicine and bariatric surgery practice is conveniently located right next to Florida Hospital Celebration Health, which allows us to provide patients from our immediate community and all across Central Florida with easy access to the most state-of-the-art operating and treatment facilities available anywhere. Visit our locations page to get directions to our offices in Celebration, Fla.
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